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Taking admission to INIFD was the wisest decision for me as I just wanted the perfect platform for my creativity. Taking my professional Training in design with the right guidance and support from my teachers, I participated in the Bangalore Fashion Week and exhibited my collection on the same platform with many famous Designers. Thanks, INIFD for adding the glimmer to my life!

Great opportunities and exposure to all the students come naturally here. My participation in the vogue honors contest got my designs and credentials published in India s most popular fashion magazine - VOGUE. The best design college making every aspirant enabled to attain his professional Training and creative goal, in a very friendly atmosphere, being provided by faculty as well as by the administrative staff. Keep progressing.
Kanika Kamra
It was fantastic and extremely rewarding. The practical experience I received is invaluable. Learning from top-class lecturers and getting the chance to work with the great designers at the Lakme Fashion Week, where I represented my design collection has given me a great head-start in life. Honestly, without this, I would not have realized what I have learned and how to apply it in a real-life working scenario. I came to know more deeply about how to live life and manage it.
Kavita Sharma

I want to thank INIFD and the excellent faculty for making it easy for me to understand the technical side of fashion, and making sure I keep it at a high level for further carrier opportunities. I got lucky to enter the world of fashion by Lakme Fashion Week coming my way which gave me a lot of encouragement to perform on a big platform as a designer!
Vinod Bhardwaj

Joining INIFD was one of the best decisions I made. I came to INIFD with the hope of excelling in the field of fashion design, and I believe to have done so as I got a great opportunity to participate as a designer at the Lakme Fashion Week which changed my life. INIFD ensures that one is ready for every field of work and project which turns out to make perfect professionals. It is good to be an INIFDian!
Manoj Kumar

"Here it is many years later and I have had such an incredible life within the fashion industry. Looking back on my many experiences, I fondly remember the Fashion Design course that I did at INIFD. Thank you INIFD, now I own my own Fashion Boutique."

"INIFD is essential for anyone that really wants to work in the fashion industry. You will make good professional contacts and friends and you will learn so much about yourself. I will be forever grateful to the amazing people that made this program a reality!"

"INIFD program gives students great opportunities to see iconic landmarks, learn from the industry top professionals and receive a firsthand look at how things really run in the world of fashion."

"I walk with an ambition and with a vision to make the most of my potential. INIFD has helped me get on to my path of success".

"INIFD definitely is tagged as one of the most prestigious institutes in India, and I hold no doubts about it. They are true pioneers and have achieved remarkable excellence in training students for the Fashion industry".

"I have been a part of some of the most incredible exposures at INIFD & those have truly been my stepping stones to the zenith! Kudos and best wishes".

"Every moment at INIFD has been a pleasant chronicle. Mention INIFD to me and there is a gush of pride and admiration that arrests my pulse!"

"I learned to talk about things in ways that were new for me. I began to look at the world a bit differently and I became more able than before to look at myself fully and honestly."

"The classes and the lab facilities were very good and especially the trainer was very good. All together the training helped me out what I was looking for."

"INIFD gave me several opportunities to wake up to my hidden potential. My dream to work with a designer came true. This place is a powerhouse! Thank you INIFD!"

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